Author name: Kelly Carter

Interpreting the Bible: A Concise Plan

Presuppositions-Assumes that God communicates (speaks and acts) through Scripture; here we findWord of God-Inspiration-Uniqueness of Christ and Spirit in revealing God, including their presence in Scripture-Analogical Language-human language, because it is human–and limited–cannotperfectly depict God, because He is beyond us-Clarity and unity of Scripture-Scripture must be interpreted; exēgeisthai to interpret (infinitive)-Exegesis is not hermeneutics, but […]

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Are You Ready?

August 1973 looms large for me. On August 12th of that year I became a Christian, hearing the gospel and responding in baptism all within a two-week period.  On the exact same day, only minutes prior to my baptism, I, at 14 years, was even then thinking about the opposite gender, and I intentionally ventured

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10 Years Together

It was ten years ago on June 2, 2006 that my family and I arrived in Calgary, in the middle of the 100-Year Anniversary celebration (which means that the beginning of our time with you in Calgary literally initiated a new century for our church!). These ten years have gone by amazingly quickly – I

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