Life Group Leaders

Welcome Life Group Leaders and thank you for volunteering your time and dedication to our church!

Fall Launch Need to Know!

Complete Life Group Curriculum for Fall 2019 (linked here)

A list of service opportunites and a path to getting involved (linked here)

A list of people available to be in a Life Group (linked here)

Instructions for how Fall Launch Sunday on September 8 will work:

We will very briefly introduce Life Group Leaders in each service, through a slide with your picture on it.  A tiny bit lengthier introduction will take place during the Bible Class. 

At the end of each service and just before 2nd service, we would like Life Group Leaders to act as greeters in the hallway (closer to the parking lot) to talk to new people, and, people who are on the list as available to be in a Life Group this fall.  You can be at the parking lot doors at 9:50, 11:00 and 12:15 for at least a few minutes.   

Please be familiar with the list and be ready to be proactive. 

Hope Pawlak will also be in the hallway to help match you up with good prospects. 


There are business cards, at the Connection Centre, and brochures at the Welcome Centre for you to use to communicate with people.


Please visit our Life Group page to ensure your info is accurate.


Email Hope if you have any questions about your info or the curriculum.