A Note About Services: Moving Forward Through Phase 2 in Alberta

June 30, 2020

The Elders and staff want to thank all of you for filling out the recent survey requesting input about when we should resume in-person worship at our church building.
Your efforts provided a resounding response with almost 90 surveys being completed. The surprising result to us, is that the numbers of those of you wishing to return to in-person worship and those thinking that we should wait, are almost equal, with no clear mandate to move in either direction. We are distinctly a perfectly balanced congregation!

After considering the survey results, and after significant evaluation of the health safety precautions and of the kind of in-person worship experience it would be reasonable for us to offer, the Elders and staff have decided that it is currently not prudent for us to resume in-person Sunday morning worship at our church building, even though we would very much like to. This is also a conclusion reached by most other churches in Calgary.

If we were to meet in person, social distancing guidelines would mean that perhaps 60-75 persons could meet at a time in our auditorium. Our fellowshipping would be significantly limited and would not be at all like what we usually enjoy, with there being the need to actually police social distancing. Our movements about the building would be strictly controlled, including the movements of our children, who would constantly have to remain with their parents and be separated from the children of other families, which we think might be a bit difficult. Our senior citizens would be at risk if they attended. The form of our congregational singing would be very limited, if we did it at all, and the building would need to cleaned and sanitized between our multiple services, which we would have to have. Making this decision is a disappointment to us, but we believe you will agree it to be the wisest direction as we move forward.

Although meeting for Sunday morning worship at the building is not yet workable for us, it does not mean that there cannot be other kinds of in-person gatherings of our church members. Life group gatherings, especially those that happen outside, could take place. Smaller gatherings, especially of adults, without the need to limit the movements of young children, are quite feasible. So, please watch for information about the scheduling of such activities that would take place over the next couple of months. And, of course, there remains a constant need and opportunity for us to reach out to and encourage one another through personal texting, emails, phone calls, Zoom, and other social media. Please make connections with others in our church family!

We look forward to the time when our form of meeting for Sunday morning worship will again include seeing each other in person. For now, please stay connected through our website, through emails, through our Facebook page, through our Instagram feed, and through whatever online and in-person gatherings we are currently able to offer.


The Elders of the Calgary Church of Christ