Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper


Small Gift Bags 3.5x5.5

Use: Gifts to hold gift cards for Wednesday Lunch Friends AND Goodie Bag Bags
Best Find: Amazon
Best Price: $22 for 50
Amount Needed: 3 packs or 150, (alternate: 100 Goodie Bags could be brown paper bags) **If substituting, please talk to Hope first

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Large Gift Bags 10x13

Use: Gift bags for Wednesday Lunch Friends and for teens
Best Find: Amazon
Suggested Price: White Bags; 50 for $37.00
Amount Needed: 50 **Cannot substitute, please talk to Hope first, if necessary

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Wrapping Paper

Use: Gifts Wrapping // Decoration for party$1.00
Suggested Store: Any
Suggested Price: $15
Amount Needed: 4 packs of 4 These should be bought together so that we can unite a theme

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