Develop your Faith

Going Deeper

Two Sundays ago, Kelly spoke on going deeper in our relationship with God.   He listed three practical questions that we can ponder as we reflect on our own personal life and how we can go deeper. 1)      What did Jesus do? 2)      What did David do? 3)      What did the early Christians do? (Acts 2:42-47) It’s …

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God Sightings

Last week our church hosted our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS). It was a fantastic three days, with about 100 kids joining us to learn about Jesus, the light of the world. There are so many good things I could say about the week, but over the past few years my favourite part of VBS has …

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I’ve been reading about and contemplating my identity lately.   Who am I really?  Which part of my identity makes my decisions and establishes my priorities?   Which one can I rely on when I need a convenient excuse to do or not do something? Which identity motivates me and which one do I really want to be …

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