Interpreting the Bible: A Concise Plan

Presuppositions-Assumes that God communicates (speaks and acts) through Scripture; here we findWord of God-Inspiration-Uniqueness of Christ and Spirit in revealing God, including their presence in Scripture-Analogical Language-human language, because it is human–and limited–cannotperfectly depict God, because He is beyond us-Clarity and unity of Scripture-Scripture must be interpreted; exēgeisthai to interpret (infinitive)-Exegesis is not hermeneutics, but […]

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Fall Launch 2018

Church, What a great day we had on Sunday!  We had 293 people gathered to worship our God and Creator. When many are gathered together it feels complete, energetic and so satisfying to connect with each other. Thank you for making Sunday a priority!  Please encourage others to make Sunday a priority as well.  We

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