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Memory Verse Program 2019

“Always remember what is written in the Book of the Teachings.  Study it day and night.  Then you will be sure to obey everything that is written there.  If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything.”

Joshua 1:8


Thanks for your interest in our memory verse club for 2019-2020!  We are praying that you will be incredibly blessed by your efforts and that you will get to see God’s Word bringing forth abundant fruit in your lives.

The memory verse program will run from September 29th to March 15th (25 weeks).  Attached here is a list of the 25 memory verse passages.  We are suggesting that you memorize one verse passage each week.  You can memorize the verses in any order and you are welcome to say more than one verse on any given week.   To help us remember them better, the verses will be reinforced throughout this year with songs that may be sung in our Sunday services.   A YouTube playlist of suggested songs to help remember all the verses can be accessed here.

There will be a check-in table along the wall just past the Sunday School classroom hallway.  Please bring a copy of the verse with you in the translation you are using so that volunteers can follow along as you recite the verse.  Volunteers will be available for 10 minutes before and after both the First Service and Second Service.  You can check-in and recite your verse to volunteers on any Sunday until March 15th.

After you recite your verse, we will ask you to write your verse reference on a musical note.  You will then tape your note up on the wall along the musical staff display.  Our goal is to fill up the staff with notes showing how many memory verses we have recited.  Once again, we will commit to buying one Bible for every note on the wall, so memorizing verses benefits you personally and will bless someone else around the world.

If you would like to volunteer to hear verses from participants, please talk to Kerri Nickel and we will get you into the schedule rotation.  There will also be a sign-up sheet at the check-in table, so you can sign up there for one or more weeks whenever you are available.  The more helpers we get, the less any one person has to do!

We are so excited to go on this Bible verse memory journey with you!  Let’s encourage each other by hiding God’s Word in our hearts and sharing our successes with each other.


**As an additional note:  Please feel free to forward any beautiful fall pictures you have and we will put a memory verse with them and post on Instagram and Facebook, celebrating God’s presence and glory!

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