Women’s Ministry

Ladies Knit and Social, Alternate Tuesdays

Alternate Tuesdays, 11:00 – 2:00, a special group of ladies meet to knit and visit.   Knitting, however,  is secondary compared to the encouragement, bearing one another’s burdens and spiritual fellowship that happens with this group.   If you have some free time on Tuesdays this is a great place to learn how to love and disciple others.

Pine Lake Ladies Retreat 

This weekend will provide an opportunity to explore the meaning of ‘Shalom’ and speak God’s peace to your soul as we spend time together in the Camp’s beautiful surroundings and be blessed by His community, Word and song. This time is intended to create space for experiences that are contemplative and energizing as well as provide opportunities to explore personal pathways. 

Ladies’ Retreat starts on the Friday afternoon/evening (welcome/registration begins at 4 p.m.) with built-in flexibility to allow for early and late arrivals, continues all-day Saturday, and through Sunday morning. There is also a ‘Saturday only’ option on June 11th for those for whom that is a best fit.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for Ladies’ Retreat on the Pine Lake Christian Camp website (pinelakechristiancamp.com) including details regarding accommodations (you can stay in a cabin or bring your own accommodations), dietary restrictions and payment options. We encourage you to register by May 25.

$110 for the full weekend
$  95 Seniors 60+ (full weekend)
$  75 for Saturday only

More details to follow in early June. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Linda Best ([email protected]) or Yvonne Ustick ([email protected]).