Using our Gifts to Glorify God!

Last year, in September, we had a Ministry Sign Up on our back wall, particularly for special events throughout the year.   This has been a great help to the staff as they plan activities and recruit volunteers. One person signed up to host the Church Picnic this year, on June 23.   That’s a commitment made almost 10 months in advance!! So, tentatively, I emailed last week to check in and see if that is something they still wanted to do. The answer was, “Yes!”  So, a little more boldly I outlined what is involved and suggested that they let me know what they would like to do so I could manage the rest. The answer was, “I am really excited to host the church picnic this year!   I will do everything on the list and maybe add a few fun things!”


This has been a great encouragement to me, personally, and I’m so grateful to God for providing people with passion and energy to do important work in His Kingdom.   It is invigorating, to you and those around you, when you are able to serve God and others in your area of giftedness and passion.   


On June 23 this year, we will be having a Ministry Sign Up for all of our Ministries and all of our Special Events for the coming year.    This provides enough time, from now until then, for you to contemplate a purposeful plan and pray about how you will use your gifts and talents for God.    You can find a full description of ministries right here on our website as well as pick up a brochure from our Welcome Centre that very simply lists all of our ministries.   We would also love for you to join us in dreaming about ministries that we can pursue to reach out to the people of our community.


So, make plans to worship with us on Sunday, June 23, when we have our first summer service.


9:30 a.m.    Instrumental Devotional

10:00 a.m.   A cappella Worship including…

Ministry Sign Up

Great Lakes Christian High School Chorus singing



12:00  p.m. Picnic Potluck at Pearce Estates Park (with continued Ministry Sign Up)

Hosted by Benedicta Odame-Ankrah

Please bring the following:  (1) food to share, (2) your own drinks, (3) blanket or chairs to sit on

Pray for wonderful weather!


~ By Hope Pawlak