What Is Jesus Doing?

Inspiring          Encouraging          Leading          Serving          Loving


We are launching a new series for the summer encouraging everyone to minister in the way of Jesus.   It completely changes our perspective when we allow His Spirit to open our hearts and eyes to the ways in which Jesus ministers to us and to those around us, transforming us to become more and more like Him. 

In a typical summer, it is easy to become disconnected from our church family, and we may not be watching for Jesus as much as we might otherwise be, or maybe the break gives us time to notice Him more.    Either way, to help us keep our eyes on Him, and to maintain our connectedness with each other over the next couple of months, we would love for you to share what you see Jesus doing in your life and in the lives of those around you.   This will help to inspire, encourage and challenge all of us to look for Jesus weekly and to put others first.

We will be sharing these stories on our Instagram Post, Closed Facebook Group and sometimes on our Public Facebook Group.  We will also create a story board for our TVs in the foyer.   You can participate in the following ways:

  • post a story and/or picture on your social media showing what you see Jesus doing, using our hashtags, #whatisjesusdoingcalgary or #wijdcalgary
  • share with the office what you see Jesus doing (Hope can post this anonymously or with your name).
  • talk with a friend about what you see Jesus doing.
  • share this initiative with your family and encourage all of them to seek out what Jesus is doing.
  • share your longer stories on our blog, by contacting Hope – we love guest bloggers!

Our goal is to have 100 posts by the end of the summer, so don’t hesitate to share your life, giving glory to God!

**Special Note:   The staff talked about this on Thursday, June 7, and within 6 days, without sharing our plan with anyone, Hope got a text from someone with pictures and a story about how God’s family is loving and caring for one another.   That was a wonderful confirmation that God is involved in our planning.   We can’t wait to hear about the many things he is doing in your lives!

**Update:  Over the last two days I can think of 6 instances where it was a surprising joy to be shown What Jesus is Doing, and it seems obvious once you start to look for these moments.    They can be big or small – the small ones can quickly add up to be enormous contributors to a shift in perspective.


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