Develop your Faith

Interpreting the Bible: A Concise Plan

Presuppositions-Assumes that God communicates (speaks and acts) through Scripture; here we findWord of God-Inspiration-Uniqueness of Christ and Spirit in revealing God, including their presence in Scripture-Analogical Language-human language, because it is human–and limited–cannotperfectly depict God, because He is beyond us-Clarity and unity of Scripture-Scripture must be interpreted; exēgeisthai to interpret (infinitive)-Exegesis is not hermeneutics, but […]

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A New Perspective

Three years ago, I was feeling restless, discontent and unsatisfied. I kept asking questions about Heaven, wanting to gain a better understanding of what lies ahead for us in eternity. My questioning led me to the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn and I also later read NT Wright’s book Surprised by Hope. Both are similar

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