I’m New… To Church

Welcome to our church!

One of the best ways to learn about our church is through our Welcome Lunch.    You have an opportunity to speak one on one with someone and have all your questions answered about our church. We schedule this on an as needed basis. You can sign up by clicking here!

Like most churches we have a process whereby those who wish to can become members of our church. Below you will find information about membership in the Calgary Church of Christ. The usual process for those new to us is for prospective members to attend a Welcoming Lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

How does someone become “a member” at The Calgary Church of Christ?

To be considered a member of our church an individual needs only to have:

  1. Understood that we are saved by grace through faith (Titus 3:5), responded in faith to God by accepting Jesus Christ as His Son (John 3:16), publicly acknowledged Him as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9-10) and been baptized by immersion as a believer (Matthew 28:19; Acts 2:38). This process of becoming a Christian and being added to the Lord’s church is revealed in the Bible, which we take as God’s Word.
  2. Here at The Calgary Church of Christ we welcome all Christians and ask only that they indicate their desire and willingness to become a part of “this family” if they are ready to make that commitment. To accomplish this we ask that they make their wishes known to one of the congregation’s elders or ministry staff, or, if they prefer, they can pick up a membership form at the information booth and return it to the church office. We will then work with them to help them find their place of ministry.

What does it mean to be “a member” at The Calgary Church of Christ?

The New Testament contains a lot of teaching about being members of the Body of Christ and belonging to one another. Romans 12:4,5 states:
“Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are all parts of his one body, and each of us has different work to do. And since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other, and each of us needs all the others.”
This passage points out some important principles:
– Despite our diversity we have a commonality… we are all one in Christ!
– We are each unique with special abilities and distinct roles to fill in the Body of Christ.
– We belong to each other and have a mutual need for one another.

Becoming a member of the family at The Calgary Church of Christ is an indication of your willingness to belong… to receive ministry from other family members…to contribute to the good of the other members and together to work at building the Kingdom of God. Furthermore, our leaders take seriously their responsibility of caring for the flock. In order to best serve the body, our leaders must know those for whom and to whom they are responsible. Membership identifies our family and tells us those whom we can expect will participate… those on whom we can depend.

In addition, the benefits of membership for you include the fact that you will be able to grow in a congregation that recognizes the beauty of worshipping a mighty God. You will be provided opportunity to develop your abilities and to grow as a Christian. We believe commitment builds character and that your spiritual character will develop when you commit to membership in a local church.

What can “a member” expect from The Calgary Church of Christ?

At The Calgary Church of Christ commitment is shared. We believe the church, and particularly its leaders, are charged with the responsibility of building up the body of Christ and one day giving an account. Therefore, with God’s guidance and grace of the elders, staff and ministry leaders commit to do the following for you as “a member” of the body:

A. We will affirm your membership

– By loving you and accepting you where you are in your spiritual journey
– By providing you with a place to belong and be encouraged

B. We will encourage your spiritual maturity

– By praying for you
– By providing you with spiritual growth opportunities

C. We will minister to your needs, as well as to the needs of others

– By encouraging and strengthening you in times of need and crisis
– By providing you with opportunities to minister to others

What’s asked (or anticipated) of Calgary Church of Christ members?

Our elders believe that there are key elements in our church’s life which help build and strengthen our life together. We believe these elements are beneficial for each individual’s spiritual growth, as well as the overall health of the body and the honouring of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of these elements are:

Submitting to Christ as the Head of the Body and as our Lord and Master (Ephesians 4:15-16); A commitment to pursue a Biblical lifestyle and a willingness to be persuaded by the leadership of our congregation (Hebrews 13:17) who are responsible for the teaching, discipleship and pastoral care of our congregation as well as the overall direction of our ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-13; 1 Peter 5:1-5)

Utilizing our natural abilities, spiritual giftedness and unique personalities and experiences in ministry to one another and in missionbeyond our fellowship. God expects that of us, and the church is enriched when each of us contribute our part! (Romans 12:1; 1 Corinthians 12:14)

Giving financially, which is a key factor in our spiritual growth and our growing confidence in God, and which enables us to accomplish our mandate of making more and better disciples. The New Testament has a lot to say about giving and stewardship in the life of the believer. We are instructed to “give willingly” (2 Corinthians 8:12), to “give cheerfully” (2 Corinthians 9:7) to “give generously” (Luke 6:38; (2 Corinthians 9:6-7), to “give regularly and proportionately” (1 Corinthians 16:1-2; 2 Corinthians 9:6-7) and to “give expectantly” (Mark 10:28-31; Matthew 6:33).

Being involved in a small group where every individual can be cared for and can provide care to others. Our small groups include “nurture groups”, “task groups”, “support groups” and “study groups”. All groups are intended to be centres of care where we implement “one another” ministry. We believe that the transformation of lives takes place in small groups as we love, support and encourage each other, apply God’s Word to our lives and hold each other accountable in our walk with the Lord. (Galatians 6:2; James 5:16)

Participating regularly in corporate worship and celebration, which helps us to centre our attention on God, responding to Him for His work in our lives and reflecting on our personal walk with Him. It also serves as a practical witness to our oneness in Christ. (Hebrews 10:25; Acts 2:42-47)

Becoming a member at The Calgary Church of Christ does not imply that all of these elements are totally “in place” in your life, but it does imply that you acknowledge their importance and are moving towards the integration of them in your life. We’re glad that you are considering becoming a member along with us…your participation will make us better and we trust we can assist you in your journey. One thing we know…God intended for us to be in community, and no community functions well without commitment to one another. May God lead you as you consider committing to this community.
We encourage you to give prayerful thought and consideration to becoming “a member” of The Calgary Church of Christ and making a commitment to being a functioning part of God’s family in this place.