Sunday Worship

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Heart. Body. Mind. Community. Our very breath. Corporate worship invites us to more deeply engage all of these–and to offer them up to the almighty God who sang the universe into existence, loves us, and knows us by name. Worship centres us on God who is our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.

Our God knows and takes us as we are, and then leads us to transformed lives. The long heritage of our worship gives us permission to be fully honest. Hurting? Grateful? Doubting? Angry? At peace? Overwhelmed with joy? Then pray, cry, ask, give thanks, rejoice. God can take it all.

When we worship, we proclaim ancient truths, sustain relevant service, and look forward to a better future. And we do this together–young and old, women and men, the struggling and the strong. We are one in worship.

In other words, worship is about a lot more than the music. God doesn’t care if we sing off key. Every voice counts. So come ready to make some honest, whole-hearted noise together.

We believe that our entire lives are meant to be lived out as worship to God, and our assemblies on Sunday encourage us to do that.  You are welcome to meet with us for worship.

Our goal is to blend both contemporary and traditional worship styles together so that every believer is encouraged and touched by the hand of God.  We welcome you to participate in our drama team, praise team or to share other gifts God has given to you that would encourage our church family.


As part of our weekly assembly we share the Lord’s Supper. Our time of communion is to help us remember Christ’s death on the Cross, his burial and resurrection and to give us an opportunity to show our gratitude for his sacrifice which paid the price for our salvation.


Corporate prayer is part of our Sunday morning worship, but is also an integral part of who we are individually. A prayer list is included in the bulletin each week and our elders, staff and members pray diligently for each request. Please note the space for prayer requests on the back of our attendance cards.