Adult Education Ministry

Adult Education and Spiritual Formation includes our efforts to help each individual to spiritually grow.  This happens in Life Groups, in our quarterly all-church prayer sessions, in the encouragement we give to each other to spend time in Scripture and sharing in other spiritual disciplines, in special classes, in sharing together in ministry, in ministry training opportunities, and in the relationships we build with one another.  In a sense our entire approach to discipleship is about spiritual formation, helping each other to daily grow and daily live in such a way that moves us toward being like Jesus.

Much of the focus of our Adult Education and Spiritual Formation Ministry is in the form of directed Bible Study, which takes place in weekly study groups and in our Sunday morning Bible Classes. Classes are offered Sunday morning from 10:10 AM to 10:50 AM, from the second or third week in September through the second week of June.

Our Discipleship Process

Central to our education and Spiritual formation is the discipleship process in which everyone in the church is encouraged to participate. Whether movement along the path of discipleship takes place in a spontaneous, informal way, or it happens through specific opportunities and programs coordinated by the Calgary Church of Christ, we want every person connected with our body to progress from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.