Prayer List

Recent Requests – updated on December 18, 2020

Felipe Guzman’s 92 year-old father in Peru has what is believed to be liver cancer, but diagnosis and treatment have been difficult and postponed due to the high rate of COVID-19 in Peru.  Felipe has taken a leave of absence and will travel to Peru for six months to care for his parents, leaving Nancy and the girls here.  He requests prayers for his father, mother, himself, and his family while is gone.

Sue Nuefeld – Please remember Sue Neufeld’s sister Alicia, in your prayers.  Alicia is experiencing a worsening of her heart problems which the doctors are having a difficult time treating.

Karina Erhardt’s – Uncle passed away of cancer which he had been battling for a while.  Please pray for Karina’s Aunt who will now be adjusting to life alone.

Ed Erhardt – has developed an infection in his leg that has not been healing, and he is now trying his third antibiotic. Please pray that the antibiotics take effect and the infection is cured.

Dana Rippenhagen – Dana is now recovering at home, please continue to pray for her full recovery from the burst aneurysm.  You can follow her recovery here:

John and Sue Neufeld – John’s mom has tested positive for Covid and currently resides in Winkler, Manitoba.  She is currently doing well and on the mend.  Please continue to pray for her full recovery.

COVID-19 numbers in the Province and around the world have greatly risen.  Please pray for God’s intervention.

Betty Johnson’s brother, Lyle Christmann, passed away on Saturday, September 19th.  Please be praying for Jim and Betty and their family.

Mission Field:  Gentle Road Church of Christ, Lifeline Christian Ministries, Ukraine, Zimabwe (all with updated reports linked below)

Please pray for our outreach ministries: Brown Bag Lunches, Wednesday Lunches and our potential involvement with BeTheChangeYYC.  Pray that we can continue to reach out to our community this fall and to make an impact in many lives.

** All obituaries have been updated at the bottom of this list.

Continue to Pray  

Bill Harrington recently moved to High River to be with his wife, Elsie.  Praise God that they could do this during Covid.  Praise God for their faithful example.

The family of Rena Nagase. Rena passed away from  cancer on Friday, August 21st. Please pray for her husband Michi and their five young children. The Nagases are good friends of Michiko and Jonathan, and they have attended several events with our church. 

Ed and Karina Erhardt – Please pray for Ed as he is on the wait list to have a lumbar puncture and an MRI (maybe in October).

June Reid’s Friend Carol – we have been praying for her for a long time, regarding her heart troubles. She now has thyroid cancer and is on kidney dialysis every night. Because of her cancer, there is no chance of her having surgery of any kind.

Carol Thomspon’s recovery and health.

Kelly’s cousin, Glen, who is a Nazarene church pastor in Oregon, received word that his wife has a large tumour on her pancreas. A biopsy was scheduled for Thursday, August 13th.


Shannon Krebs – Prayers for my dad, Don Krebs, as he undergoes tests for serious kidney issues. Prayers for my colleague Shelley Chaulk as she is in the hospital with two fractures in her sacrum.

Terry Farnham – my daughter, Jessie, please pray for her restoration with her sons and the Lord.

Michiko Straker – Please pray for my friend, Aiyanna (23 year old) She is suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus as well as necrosis in her legs and shoulders.   Please pray for healing for her whole body.  

Heather Limb – Please pray for our house to sell.

Carley Hansen (salvation for my family)


Margarita and Eduardo Trewin’s father in Nicaragua is sick and it is so hard for her to be separated from them now. 


Dave from Wednesday Lunch

Heather Limb’s friend, Lynn Walker (stem cell transplant)

Carley Hansen’s friend’s brother (Dan, pancreatic cancer)

June’s friend (Suzanne, 3rd round of cancer)

Mike Pineda’s aunt (Pilar Halverson – stage 4 cancer)

Brenda Coghlin’s sister (Linda, form of leukemia)


Larry and Rhea Buckingham (various health concerns)

Angelita Silverio recovering from Bell’s Palsy

Miraida Borja’s sister Luisa Angeles

Joan Bailey (eye concerns)

Karina Erhardt (fibromyalgia)

Shyla LaCroix’s cousin Jenna (kidney transplant needed)

Rhandi Tyssen, (eye issues)

June Reid’s friend (Carol, heart issues)

Quinn Williams (heart and pacemaker)

Sue Neufeld (various health issues)

Mark Desy (arthritis, eczema, asthma)


Bruce Bailey & Family (Wife/Mother – Maureen Bailey)

Imelda & Shyam Mohammed (Mother – Ignacia Acierda)

Joe Creamer (Mother)

Mark Desy (Grandmother)

Carter Family (Niece, Lindsey and Brother-in-law)

Moriarty Family (Father, Grandfather)

Lynn Belliveau (Father)

Connie Ping (Father)

Linda Aasen (Father)

“And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15