Prayer List

Recent Requests – Updated April 26, 2022

Melissa Adrian and the Adrian Family – Please pray for Melissa and family that God will give them peace and comfort as they mourn the loss of Allen.

Kari Clark’s friends Dallas and Claudia Petersen –  Pray for Claudia, as she continues to battle cancer (Stage 4). Pray it will shrink the tumors in her liver. Her liver is swollen. They are going to do MRI in 2 weeks (the first week of May) to check if the chemo is working.
Pray for the Spirit’s peace to invade their daughters’ lives during this difficult time. (Allie, Gr. 9 & Gaby, Gr. 6) *They believe at this time that God will heal Claudia here on earth. Let’s join them in praying for this.

Church in Ukraine / Ukraine Brandon and Katie Price have left Ukraine for Poland and will stay there with another missionary family.  Please pray for peace. 

Misty Jackson – Please pray for Misty Jackson’s father, Gordon, who is having to make the difficult decision on surgery that would improve his quality of life and may even save his life.

Lynn Belliveau’s friends, Danny and Judy Mulrooney. Danny Mulrooney had hip surgery and his and pray for his health in general.  Judy Mulrooney is functioning with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and also needs our prayers.

Neil Ebenal, son of Margie (Steinwand) Ebenal who had broken his neck in a snowboarding accident has now been able to go home.  He is doing well and continues with his physiotherapy.  Please continue to pray for his complete recovery. 

Curtis Kemp,  (cousin to Trina Coghlin, Jonathan Straker and Lyndon Ross) who struggles with Lupus is still in the hospital but improving and working towards going home.  Please continue to pray for his recovery so that he may go home soon.  

Mark Desy would like ongoing prayers for two very close friends of his, Danny and Judy Mulrooney from Red Deer.  They attend the Davonport Church of Christ.  Danny has had cancer which is now in remission.  Judy is in rapidly declining health which required Danny to remain at home to care for her.  Please pray for them as they navigate their health issues that they may have peace and healing.

Bruce Clarke – Is now up and able to do some walking.  Please continue to pray for his heath and healing.  

John and Brenda Coghlin’s pilot friend Tim Macdonald, has had major surgery to remove a brain tumor which has caused some memory loss.  Please pray for his healing and peace for him and his family

Nicola Mooney’s friend Delanie Cerkvenak has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  She has 14 year twins.  Please pray for the doctors as they treat her and also for her and her family for health and peace.  

Maggie Martel, a close contact friend of Robert King’s, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of terminal cancer that has moved to her lymph nodes and liver.  Please pray for her comfort and peace.

Shannon Kreb’s Father is awaiting a kidney transplant. 

Sue Nuefeld’s Sister Many thanks for your prayers on my sister’s behalf! It has been a slow process, but she is definitely
improving. Her heart is doing much better. We are very thankful.  Please continue to pray for her.

Karl and Helen Roberts – please pray for the Roberts family as they navigate some of life’s difficulties.

Jonathan Chapman has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer.  Please pray that the doctors have caught it soon enough to treat well.  

COVID-19 numbers in the Province and around the world have greatly risen.  Please pray for God’s intervention.

Mission Field:  Gentle Road Church of Christ, Lifeline Christian Ministries, Ukraine, Zimabwe (all with updated reports linked below)

Please pray for our outreach ministries: Brown Bag Lunches, Wednesday Lunches and our potential involvement with BeTheChangeYYC.  Pray that we can continue to reach out to our community this fall and to make an impact in many lives.


Terry Farnham – my daughter, Jessie, please pray for her restoration with her sons and the Lord.

Michiko Straker – Please pray for my friend, Aiyanna (23 year old) She is suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus as well as necrosis in her legs and shoulders.   Please pray for healing for her whole body.  

Carley Hansen (salvation for my family)



Robert King’s friend Maggie Martel (aggressive cancer)

John and Brenda Coghlin’s friend Tim McDonald (brain tumor)

Nicola Mooney’s friend Delanie Cerkvenak (lung cancer)

Heather Limb’s friend, Lynn Walker (stem cell transplant)

Carley Hansen’s friend’s brother (Dan, pancreatic cancer)

June’s friend (Suzanne, 3rd round of cancer)

Mike Pineda’s aunt (Pilar Halverson – stage 4 cancer)

Brenda Coghlin’s sister (Linda, form of leukemia)


Karina Erhardt (fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel)

Larry and Rhea Buckingham (various health concerns)

Miraida Borja’s sister Luisa Angeles

Joan Bailey (eye concerns)

Shyla LaCroix’s cousin Jenna (kidney transplant needed)

Quinn Williams (heart and pacemaker)

Sue Neufeld (various health issues)

Mark Desy (arthritis, eczema, asthma)

“And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15