Chris Bailey

A New Perspective

Three years ago, I was feeling restless, discontent and unsatisfied. I kept asking questions about Heaven, wanting to gain a better understanding of what lies ahead for us in eternity. My questioning led me to the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn and I also later read NT Wright’s book Surprised by Hope. Both are similar …

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Unplanned Ministry

This is likely the best kind. The kind where we are simply, without thinking or hesitation, getting a chance to show God’s love to someone. Last Wednesday, Leonard was late to lunch. We always look for him and wait for him, he seldom disappoints. We have gotten to know Leonard over the fall/winter and these are …

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Going Deeper

Two Sundays ago, Kelly spoke on going deeper in our relationship with God.   He listed three practical questions that we can ponder as we reflect on our own personal life and how we can go deeper. 1)      What did Jesus do? 2)      What did David do? 3)      What did the early Christians do? (Acts 2:42-47) It’s …

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